What do we want?

We want to bring people closer together. We want to contribute to a world where everybody has all they need to live a good life. We’ve started by working together with refugees and creating sustainable products, including organic T-shirts and Bags.


We live in a world of paradox. Things are getting better and worse at the same time. We are more connected, yet also more polarised than ever. The gap between the wealthy and the world’s poorest is increasing. And while peace in the west is providing prosperity for many, elsewhere wars, economical and ecological collapse are devastating lives. All this is driving people to find better places to live and migrate to other parts of the world.

For those who arrive in the EU, conditions on arrival are difficult. Greece’s island ‘hotspots’ are overcrowded, and water and electricity are available sporadically. The ones that are allowed to stay and reach the mainland often continue to live in camps for years. It is difficult for them to find work, and become active members of their new society.


We believe there is enough for all of us. Enough space and enough sustainable resources for all of us to live a good life.

We believe a good life doesn’t depend on how much money you have. But on taking part of an inclusive community that supports each other.

We believe current EU policies are counter-productive to the well-being of people arriving in the EU, put countries around the Mediterranean under an unreasonable amount of pressure, and drive a climate of separation between citizens and newcomers.

We believe global challenges have the potential to be transformed into something positive, depending on how we respond to them.


Words, ideas and beliefs are a starting point, but we’ve got to act on them. We have to take our ideas and see what happens when we try and realize them in the real world.

We Work

We collaborate with Naomi – a small social enterprise running a sewing workshop in Thessaloniki – and together with refugees we produce sustainable products, such as organic T-shirts and Bags.

This provides the workers with an income, and promotes social cohesion in Greece by helping people to become active members of their new society.

We Share

Through our work we have seen places and met people that changed our perspective on life and drastically influenced the decisions and actions that we have taken. We want you to meet those people and see those places.

Because through human connections, we can create the more loving world we know is possible.

Curious who we are?

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