Our Story

Creating something positive out of a shitty situation. That is what we are all about!

We give refugees – and others who are in a desperate situation – an opportunity to work, learn, be part of a team and collaborate. All while making organic T-shirts. With this we strive to be a positive force in a constantly changing world…

When people come together magical things can happen.


When you look at the current refugee crisis in Europe, some people will say that it seems quite desperate. People still arriving every day on the shores, thousands of people living in camps, cultural differences, fear, hopelessness, xenophobia…  

But, there is also another side. People from all over the word, from all different ages and backgrounds helping each other, solving problems, and making life a little bit better for each other and themselves.

While being in Greece we saw a problem that needed attention: Because of the absence of security and work it is nearly impossible for people to integrate in Greece and start a new life. Which leads to hopelessness, anxiety, depression, anger, etc…

We decided we want to change this.

Do you want to join us? Get a T-shirt, wear it and tell all your friends!!

Do you have another idea? Contact us and we’ll be in touch.

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