Masks for refugees in Greece

Help Naomi produce 5.000 masks for people living in refugee camps and on the streets. These masks are made by refugees, for refugees.

Starting on the 27th of May with every T-shirt we sell we help produce 5 masks, and with each bag we sell 2 masks will be made and distributed. These masks will go to refugees who are currently without any kind of protective equipment.

Thank you for your support!


The situation in Greece regarding Covid-19 has seen limited amount of people becoming seriously ill, and few deaths, especially compared to other European countries. Slowly the country is loosening it’s restrictions and hopes to open up to tourists again this summer, all while respecting physical distancing.

But in most refugee camps keeping a physical distance is simply impossible, which could cause an outbreak of Covid-19 to spread quickly. In this case having enough masks is essential to try to limit the spread.

Our collaborative partner Naomi received requests from organizations like Solidarity Now and the Danish Refugee Council to produce 5.000 masks, but they don’t have the funds available to produce them. So we decided to help as much as we can!

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