Cutting & Printing

Some beautiful progress! Last week all the fabric was cut by George, his sister, father and friend. And then printed by the great guys and girls of Polystamp. I have to say, I enjoy working with these Greek family businesses!

What is next?

Somebody asked me the other day: What happens when you don’t succeed? When you don’t manage to set up Not a Factory? When there won’t be any T-shirts in the end?!?!?! And I realised I hadn’t thought about that yet. Because even though I don’t know how to get...

We did it!!

We surpassed our original goal and got this project funded for 113,9%!! Raising €38.725!! By 726 people!! That is just amazing… I am so grateful for everybody who helped make this a success! By getting yourself a T-shirt (or more), sharing the project with your friends, name dropping it in your...

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