About Us

We are a group of people brought together with the goal of creating new opportunities, artistic collaborations, and positive change.

Maarten Hunink, The Netherlands

Maarten is a trained professional dancer, software engineer, and social entrepreneur. He has spent the last one and a half year volunteering with different refugee organisations in Greece including: Drop in the Ocean and The Timber Project. He is the co-creator of The Drop App, an online application to distribute supplies at refugee camps. While volunteering in Greece Maarten noticed that there was an important need which was not being addressed, the need to give refugees the opportunity to take care of themselves, to work and be independent. This is where the idea for Not a Factory was born. Maarten believes that it’s possible to create beautiful things out of difficult situations.

You can find out more about Maarten on his website.

Mohammed and Noor, Syria

Mohammed and Noor escaped the war in Syria one year ago and have been living at a refugee camp in Northern Greece for the past 10 months. This is where Maarten met them when he was working with The Timber Project. Before the war Mohammed was training as a doctor and Noor ran a salon. As multi-talented young people, Mohammed and Noor became experienced tailors working in their families textile company. They are the minds and hands behind the products of Not A Factory.

We are currently unable to show photo’s of Mohammed and Noor since this could create serious problems for them and their families in Syria.

Mercia Moseley, USA

Mercia is a professional photographer and fine artist. She has travelled the world extensively, and this past year she started volunteering at Hope Cafe in Athens, an organisation providing resources to refugees. After her experience in Athens, she felt inspired to join Maarten and use her camera and creativity in helping Not a Factory become a reality. She believes that art can be a transformative force in this world.

You can find Mercia’s photography work here.

Sara Wilhelmsson, Sweden

Photo by Adi Segal

Sara is a professional dancer, photographer, poet and doula. Having lived in communities for years she loves to help groups live and work harmoniously. The past years she volunteered for various refugee organisations in Greece including Drop in the Ocean and The Timber Project. She loves to get her hands dirty and get stuff done. Sara believes that every challenge in life is an opportunity for growth.

Check out her instagram here.

Emile Bosch, The Netherlands

Emile is a programming guru and team builder. He loves to develop new projects and ideas into strong sustainable enterprises. As CTO at Leaplines he is responsible in finding new ways in which people can learn and develop. With Not A Factory he brings that same experience along while also focussing on building a strong and fun team. Emile believes kite surfing is a way of life.

Support Group

A project like this can only succeed when we help each other. We are lucky to have people around us with expertise who are eager to help, this includes Bart Driessen, Jente de Vries, Panos Karakitsios, Franziska Hauri, Iris Eisenkolb, Ingetje Wielenga, Davide Bellotta, David and Vanessa, Martijn Kappers, Michelle Bauer, Mark Schilders, Thierry Castel and many more.